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Reveal Your Natural Beauty With Top Beauty Products

Women the world over knows that beautiful skin is a great asset. Even if heredity hasn't given you the kind of skin you'd like, quality beauty products can work at giving your skin a smooth, fresh look. Thanks to scientists putting their knowledge to work in beauty research, there are products to suit all kinds of skin, hair, lips, complexion, your feet as well as for your personal hygiene. Beauty is not static, it needs constant care, and the question is, what beauty products would you reach for first if you had to present your best image?

Makeup Tips for Busy Women

My friends and I often comment on the fact that there is no such thing as a nine-to-five workday any more. The standard eight hour work day went out of style with blue eye shadow and big hair. So, how do we find the time to maintain a professional makeup look while not standing for too long in front of the bathroom mirror every morning?

Going the Distance – Makeup That Lasts All Day

We all know her. She is the woman who looks as elegant at 7:00pm as she does at 9:00am. Her makeup is subtle yet flawless but always fresh.

Cosmetic Terminology Defined

There's a lot of hype surrounding the beauty industry. If you've ever been wooed by glossy images of perfect looking women promoting a myriad of lotions and potions, but not been sure if the products are worth your money, then continue reading to find out more. We de-bunk the myths and define the most commonly used terms.

Anti Aging Skin Care Basics

Before we talk about anti-aging, perhaps we should actually define aging and the impact it has on our bodies and our health. As we know, aging is natural; it takes place due to the development of organs, tissue and cells inside the body. There is the natural aging process (such as moving from childhood to teenager to adulthood) and the accumulated effects of aging (such as sun damage, smoking and excessive drinking).

Wrist Wear Queens

The biggest and worst myth in 2014 is that only high class celebrity GQ men are sporting the lavish luxury band watch. If you have been mislead by the “male word of mouth” then this article will awaken you quickly. Wrist-wear isn't just popular amongst male celebrities, it is popular amongst many females you see on the big stage and big screen.

A Brief Review of 5 Top Jewelry Brands

Jewelry is a symbol of success and self-assurance, and the trademark of power and wealth. Used by kings and queens to indicate their status in society and their authority over the rest of us, it is also the attire of the rich and famous.

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