Coconut Oil – The Elixir Of Life

Coconuts are known for their immense versatility ranging from traditional uses in certain societies to modern uses, based on scientific analysis. They are the fruit of the coconut palm, and are grown abundantly in many tropical and subtropical countries like India. Coconuts are known for their large quantity of water, and when immature, they are harvested for this water which is very refreshing to drink and loaded with minerals. Mature coconuts still have a little amount of water, but by then the endosperm has formed a thick white kernel which is processed to yield oil. Coconut palms produce their first fruit in six to ten years, reaching peak production in 15-20 years. In ideal conditions, a single tree can yield 75 fruits in a year.

The Importance of Exfoliating Your Skin

You may be cleansing and moisturizing-but if you're not exfoliating, your skin isn't as healthy as it could be! So how to, when and why to exfoliate? Keep reading…

How Do You Choose The Best Clay Mask For Blackhead Removal?

Blackheads are pores that are clogged up with dirt, dead skin, and excess oil. They often appear on the face and they can vary in size. The pores can be painful sometimes and they can be unsightly, especially if they are widespread on your face and large for that matter. Removing the blackheads is not something that is always recommended because there are increased chances of scarring your face in the end. But with the right remover, you can easily remove them and leave your skin beautiful and smooth.

From Edgy to Classy: Nail Your Durga Puja Looks With These Hairstyles!

At the heart of all your impeccable Durga Puja looks is your hairstyle. Here's a lowdown of the trendiest hairstyles that Bong girls can try out during Durga Puja this year.

Why Ponds Cream Should Be on Your Shopping List

A lot of women suffer from problematic skin. From dark marks to aging skin, there always seems to be a skin problem that needs to be solved. Luckily for these women, the solution is an affordable face product.

How Do You Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair For A Natural Look?

Hair extensions are transforming especially for women who have thin hair and yearn for a fuller hair body. Apart from the extensions that can be woven into hair, there are clip-in hair extensions that offer a very simple way of updating your look. However, hair extensions need to be properly placed otherwise they will be noticeable and unsightly in one way or another. If you want to achieve the most natural look even when wearing hair extensions, then you must be wary of the most important aspects of hair.

Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup Tips

Carefully applied eye make-up can help draw attention and accentuate a woman's most prominent features. But smudged make-up will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. What are some easy ways to prevent eye makeup from smudging?

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